A system for the fast prototyping of multidimensional image retrieval.

In Proceedings of ICMCS'99, IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Computing and Systems, Florence, Italy, 1999. Forthcoming.

Abstract: Multidimensional image retrieval (MIR) views an image as a multidimensional object, where each dimension is a channel for retrieval. MIR has the potential of putting at work together the
many methods and techniques for image retrieval proposed in several different fields of computer science. We have developed a model of MIR, based on a fuzzy description logic, that identifies two main dimensions in an image (form and content) and views MIR as a special form of uncertain implication. In this paper, we present \arianna, a system that implements the model. ARIANNA allows to quickly develop a prototype of a MIR application, and use it to test the
adequacy of the application to the user's functional requirements.