The SoftFacts System (see also latest changes)

SoftFacts is an ontology mediated database system. An ontology layer may be used to define (in terms of a DLR-Lite like description logic, an extension of DL-Lite) the relevant abstract concepts and relations of the application domain, while a database may be used to access large volumes of data. The supported databases are, so far, MySQL, Postgres and RankSQL (for top-k retrieval). It supports also a significant set of OWL QL profile language expressions via the SoftFacts tab for OWL editor Protégé.

SoftFacts's most interesting features are:

See the poster for a brief overview on SoftFacts.

Example queries are:

Typical functions to be used for scoring are the so-called left-houlder and right-shoulder function, but can be any user defined arithmetic function.

Right-shoulder function
Left-shoulder function
Triangular function
Trapezoidal function