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fuzzyDL is a joint project with Fernando Bobillo

fuzzyDL is a Description Logic Reasoner supporting Fuzzy Logic and fuzzy Rough Set reasoning. The fuzzyDL system includes a reasoner for fuzzy SHIF with concrete fuzzy concepts (ALC augmented with transitive roles, a role hierarchy, inverse, reflexive, symmetric roles, functional roles, and explicit definition of fuzzy sets). There is also a Protege plug-in that supports Fuzzy OWL2, to build fuzzy ontologies.

fuzzyDL's most interesting features are:

fuzzyDL is a joint project with Fernando Bobillo.

Some applications:

An example:

The following knowledge defines the classes of Minors and Young Persons.

  1. (define-fuzzy-concept LessThan18 crisp(0,100,0,18))
  2. (define-fuzzy-concept LowAge left-shoulder(0,100,10,30))
  3. (define-concept Minor (and Person (some age LessThan18)))
  4. (define-concept YoungPerson (and Person (some age LowAge)))
  5. (functional age)
  6. (define-modifier very linear-modifier(3))
  7. (define-concept VeryYoungPerson (very YoungPerson))

As a consequence, under Zadeh semantics we get that a YoungPerson is a Minor to degree 0.4. Indeed,

(concept-subsumes? Minor YoungPerson)

returns 0.4.

On the other hand

(concept-subsumes? YoungPerson Minor)

returns 0.6, which is the degree of being a Minor a YoungPerson.

Other membership functions supported by fuzzyDL are shown below.

Right-shoulder function
Trapezoidal function
Triangular function

Linear Modifier

As a consequence.

(concept-subsumes? VeryYoungPerson Minor)

returns 0.2, which is the degree of being a Minor a VeryYoungPerson.

On the other hand

(concept-subsumes? Minor VeryYoungPerson)

returns 0.8, which is the degree of being a VeryYoungPerson a Minor.