The fuzzyRDF System (see also latest changes)

fuzzyRDF supports fuzzy reasoning in which triples (s, p ,o) are attached with a degree n, dictating that the statement (s, p, o) is true at least to degree n.

fuzzyRDF's most interesting features are:

For instance, we may represent statements such as

< (SportsCar, subclassOf , FastCar), 0.9 >

< (FastCar, subclassOf , ExpensiveCar), 0.7 >

< (ExpensiveCar, subclassOf , PassengerCar), 0.3 >

and may query them e.g., as

Typical functions to be used for scoring are the so-called left-houlder and right-shoulder function, but can be any user defined arithmetic function.

Right-shoulder function
Left-shoulder function
Triangular function
Trapezoidal function