This is our short commentary on our Motorbike Trip through the whole Alps in 2017. Around 3800km, of which 3100km in the Alps. 60 alpine passes. Hope that the few details may be of help in organising your own adventure. For any inquiry, just email me:

Title Motorbike Tour through the whole Alps
Dates July 12-22, 2017
Days 11
KM Around 3800km, of which 3100km in the Alps. 60 alpine passes
Motorbike BMW R 1200 GS, MY 2010, Tires: Metzeler Next, Touratech Extreme suspensions (Spring Rear: k=150Nmm, Preload=30, HS=11, LS=11, R=9. Front: k=55Nmm, Preload=8, HS=14, LS=14, R=9)
Who Umberto Straccia (me) and Maria Pia Nuti (my wife), on one motorbike
Countries Italy, France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia
Itinerary See map and downloadable GPS data.
Itinerary Maps Global Map Overview
Pictures You can find some pictures about the trip Alps 2017 Motorbike Tour.
Cartography Having a map helps once your navigator fails, which will fail or will be imprecise for sure at least once. I was unlucky as my Navigator’s touch screen failed to work. I took the Alps map of Reise Know-How . At home I repaired the navigator by buying a new touch screen from China.
Navigation maps A good navigator helps, makes life easier in the
country side of remote areas. I have a Touratech‘s version of the Zumo 550 from Garmin. Concerning the maps, you can rely on those provided from the OpenStreetMap project. Specifically, there are some places on the web from which you may download directly maps (called OSM maps) that you can install into Garmin’s Basecamp and then into your Garmin device. I used the Garmin Openstreet Map to download a map for Morocco to be installed into Garmin’s Basecamp, which then allows you to transfer the map to your Garmin device together with your daily trips. I also used JaVaWa GMTK, to load multiple OSM maps into BaseCamp.
Google Maps I used Google maps to figure out my daily trips, which then I’ve copied manually into Basecamp. Personally I preferred this two step approach rather than doing it directly in Basecamp.
Equipment Puncture kit, various tools, spare motorbike lamps, 0.5l motor oil.
Travel Guide Books none.
About Documents I’ve made a colour copy of all my docs and also stored them on USB pen, mobile phone and Dropbox.
Downloads You may download my Alps Garmin routes as GPX data or KML data. Find here the list of passes in excel format.
General Notes
Money euro.
Fuel Not really an issue.
Roads Good conditions. The off-road Col de la Assiette round route, Sestriere – Finestrelle – Col de la Assiette – Sestriere was somewhat demanding for fully loaded bike and two up. Took several hours (see pics), just to be safe.
List of Passes
Pass Height Position Link
Col du Turini 1607 N43° 58.650′ E7° 23.499′
Col de l’Orme 1000 N43°54’02.922, E7°21’43.922
Col de Braus 1002 N43° 52.343′, E7° 23.986′
Col de Brouis 879 N43° 55.314′, E7° 28.499′
Col de Tende 1870 N44° 09.138′ E7° 34.252′
Col de la Lombarde 2350 N44° 12.158′ E7° 09.005′
Col del la Bonette 2802
Col de Vars 2108 N44° 32.328′ E6° 42.174′
Col d’Izoard 2360
Col de Montgenèvre 1854èvre
Colle della Finestra 2178 N45° 04.328′ E7° 03.220′
Colle dell’Assietta 2472 N45° 03.858′ E6° 57.054′
Colle Blegier 2381
Colle Basset 2424
Col du Galabier 2645 N45° 03.844′ E6° 24.472′
Col Du Télégraphe 1566 N45°12’09.922, E6°26’40.122élégraphe
Col de l’Iseran 2764
Colle del Piccolo San Bernardo 2188 N45° 40.878′ E6° 53.064′
Colle San Carlo 1971 N45° 44.552′ E6° 59.475′
Colle del Gran San Bernardo 2473
Nufenenpass 2478 N46° 28.631′ E8° 23.235′
Gottardpass 2106 N46° 33.480′ E8° 33.912′
Furkapass 2429 N46° 34.375′ E8° 24.921′
Grimselpass 2164 N46° 33.709′ E8° 20.289′
Sustenpass 2260 N46° 43.764′ E8° 26.829′
Oberalppass 2044 N46° 39.606′ E8° 40.247′
Lukmanier Pass 1915 N46° 33.826′ E8° 48.062′
San Bernardino Pass 2066 N46° 29.737′ E9° 10.206′
Splügen Pass 2115 N46° 30.349′ E9° 19.811′ügen_Pass
Maloja Pass 1815 N46° 24.059′ E9° 41.718′
Julierpass 2284 N46° 28.320′ E9° 43.740′
Albulapass 2315 N46° 34.935′ E9° 50.259′
Flüela Pass 2383 N46° 45.018′ E9° 56.841′üela_Pass
Bernina Pass 2328 N46° 24.653′ E10° 01.646′
Mortirolo Pass 1852 N46° 14.853′ E10° 17.880′
Gavia Pass 2652 N46° 20.611′ E10° 29.227′
Stelvio Pass 2757 N46° 31.717′ E10° 27.186′
Timmelsjoch Pass (Passo del Rombo) 2474 N46° 54.317′ E11° 05.800′
Brenner Pass 1370 N46° 59.991′ E11° 30.174′
Penser Joch (Passo Pennes) 2211 N46° 49.142′ E11° 26.585′
Karerpass (Passo di Costalunga) 1745 N46° 24.366′ E11° 36.378′
Rolle Pass 1989 N46° 17.776′ E11° 47.221′
Cereda Pass 1361 N46° 11.581′ E11° 54.322′
Giau Pass 2236 N46° 28.950′ E12° 03.233′
Falzarego Pass 2105 N46° 31.133′ E12° 00.567′
Passo Fedaia 2057 N46° 27.217′ E11° 53.333′
Pordoi Pass 2239 N46° 29.066′ E11° 50.214′
Campolongo Pass 1875 N46° 31.154′ E11° 52.421′
Valparola Pass 2168 N46° 31.916′ E11° 59.336′
Falzarego Pass 2105 N46° 31.133′ E12° 00.567′
Campolongo Pass 1875 N46° 31.154′ E11° 52.421′
Gardena Pass 2136 N46° 32.993′ E11° 48.521′
Sella Pass 2218 N46° 30.538′ E11° 45.443′
Passo del Pellegrino 1918
Falzarego Pass 2105 N46° 31.133′ E12° 00.567′
Tre Croci Pass 1809 N46° 33.420′ E12° 12.126′
Staller Saddle (Passo Stalle) 2052 N46° 53.283′ E12° 12.033′
Hochtor Pass 2504 N47° 04.938′ E12° 50.558′
Wurzen Pass 1073 N46° 31.132′ E13° 45.109′
Vršič Pass 1611 N46° 26.091′ E13° 44.628′šič_Pass