Our Motorbike

Umberto Straccia and Maria Pia
Straccia & Nuti’s motorbike

Find below the current setup of my BMW R 1200 GS MY 2010.

I wouldn’t remove any item, except for the few I mention explicitly.

The bike has been updated from time to time.

Essentially, during each trip I note some worthwhile improvements that we may wish to have for the next trip, or interesting feature we have seen on another adventure travellers’ bike.

The easiest way is to look at the latest bike picture of our Iceland trip.

To see where we put our gear, see our checklist page.

BMW R 1200 GS customisations:

  • Touratech Extreme (built by TracTive Suspensions), front and rear. Rear spring rate 150 N/mm, front spring rate 55N/mm. The suspensions work excellent with full load and the bike ride improves quite a lot. Though, the suspension are somewhat hard for my daily commute to office. I have them since end 2014. No complain at all.

    Be aware of the fact that the bike rises a little so that the side stand becomes a little short. I bought a side stand enlarger and added (with 4 screws) an aluminium extension to it ca. 2.5cm: check that when closed there is margin to the exhaust pipe.

Exhaust: I replaced the original exhaust with a titanium one made by SC-Project, saving 2.8kg (BMW-5.3kg, SC-2.5kg). Will sooner or later also replace the front collectors
Battery: I replaced the usual AGM battery (AGM Exide ETX, 4.7kg) with a lithium one (Aliant X4, 1.6kg), saving 3.1kg. I have it since end 2015 without any issue.
  • Plastic BMW cylinder head protections
  • Touratech cylinder protection bar
  • Touratech fuel tank/crash bars
  • Touratech protection for clutch and brake liquid canister
  • Touratech steering stopper
  • Touratech battery vane protection
  • Touratech front light protection shield
  • Touratech throttle potentiometer protections
  • Touratech fuel line/injectors protectors
  • Touratech pivot point covers
  • Touratech protection of exhaust flap
  • Wunderlich large under motor protection
  • Wunderlich cardan protections (lever guard and rear DoubleShock)
  • Wunderlich oil cooler guard, Carbon side covers and small frame guards
  • BMW R 1200 GS ADV lateral wind deflectors
  • Touratech oil filler plug with key
  • BMW R 1200 GS ADV rear luggage rack
  • Touratech luggage rack enlarger
  • Touratech GPS handlebar
  • Cross handle bar and protection
  • Barkbuster Storm hand guards with LED lights
  • Touratech foldable clutch and brake hand levers
  • Pivot Pegz Off-road foot pegs
  • Touratech flexible feet clutch/rear brake levers
  • Wunderlich passenger footrest relocation kit (lowering)
  • Wunderlich Windscreen -VARIO- – smoked grey. Wish to replace with the BMW R 1200 GS windscreen instead. Vibrates in off-road
  • Wunderlich handle bar riser
  • Kahedo comfort seat rider and passenger “Fresh Touch”. Fresh it is, perfect in rain, but also hard like stone…to be changed asap
  • Double USB plug
  • Cigar lighter
  • Electrical connection for heated under gloves (make KLAN) for passenger, i.e., my wife
  • BMW auxiliary beam lights
  • Voltmeter
  • MyTech Alluminium side panniers (46L + 41L)
  • Each pannier holds also two Touratech canister holders
  • Touratech Companero tank bag
  • Touratech Tool bag universal/Pannier lid bags (6/12L),
  • Touratech crash bar bags
  • Enduristan Tornado 2XL Pack Sack (82L)
  • Enduristan XS 12 Base Pack (12L), placed on top of the Pack Sack. It helps also to support the passenger’s back
  • MyTech Alluminium Tool Case in between frame and right hand side pannier
  • ToolTube, version MegaTub (left/right) on front crash bar. One tube contains also the Dual Sport Tool Roll
  • Touratech auxiliary bag below the luggage rack
  • MyTech Alluminium top case (41L). The choice to use the MyTech top case or the Enduristan Tornado 2XL Pack Sack depends on the trip. If off-road is foreseen, and in general, the preference is for the pack sack: better weight distribution, gear organisation and weight (the weight of then top case alone is 6.1kg, while the pack sack weight is 1.6kg). Recently, I use the top case only for daily commute to office or weekend trip.
  • Zumo 550 with Touratech support (note: the original Garmin plastic support, to be connected to the Touratech Alluminium support, broke into two pieces in Iceland 2018 after too much vibrations)
  • Custom made sun shield for the Zumo 550
  • Garmin Gpsmap 64st with Touratech support. Yes, I have two GPS. I use the Garmin Gpsmap 64st as backup until my old Zumo 550 dies. Touch screen GPS tends to fail on adventure trips (heat, dirt, gloves). I’ve already exchanged the touch screen on the Zumo myself once. We also use the Garmin Gpsmap 64st for hiking and moving around in the towns. We rarely use the mobile phone for this purpose to save batteries/credit for emergency cases only.