Welcome to the newly established Intelligent Systems Research Group (ISRG). Our mission is to give computers the ability to represent, to reason with, to query and to learn structured information using Artificial Intelligence (AI) methods.

Research Topics

Logics & AI

- Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
- Ontologies and Semantic Web Languages
- Uncertainty and Fuzzy Logics
- Non-Monotonic Logics

Statistical Relational Learning

- Ontology-based and sub-symbolic Machine Learning and its application to rare events classification

Information Retrieval

- Distributed Ontology-based Information Retrieval


Umberto Straccia

Head of ISRG

Call: +39 050 621 2894‬

Email: straccia@isti.cnr.it

Franca Debole


Call: +39 050 621 2888

Email: franca.debole@isti.cnr.it

Franco Alberto Cardillo


Call: +39 050 315 2868

Email: francoalberto.cardillo@ilc.cnr.it

Fernando Bobillo

Associate Professor

Email: fbobillo@unizar.es

Giovanni Casini


Call: +352 46 66 44 5934

Email: giovanni.casini@uni.lu

Andrea Calì

Senior Lecturer

Call: +44 020 7631 6796

Email: a.cali@dcs.bbk.ac.uk